Please meet our archetypes. They personify and describe the motivations and frustrations of the cast of characters in modern business today. These were co-created with board directors, business leaders, graduates and pioneers, HR and IT, and the long tail of independent digital professionals. 

We have harnessed their energy, honesty, intelligence and camaraderie, to identify seven archetypes, our prototype view of who is who in digital transformation.  We listened to their wants and needs, and built insight and empathy for the stresses and challenges these professionals face.  As a result we now have a real sense of the changing business landscape, of who are the change agents and future leaders.

We have seen the future of work through a people lens. We hope that you will use our archetypes to start to start a conversation to explore who your organisation’s cast of characters are, and what their wants and needs are.  , they may enhance – and help personalise – existing digital transformation programmes you already have in place.