beyond digital transformation

the next wave of change will be led by your people

Why you should attend this learning session

Use of the term ‘digital transformation’ has become so widespread, it is has lost meaning. To some it describes technology and data, whilst to others it means wholesale behavioural change across the business.

Most organisations have done much of the heavy lifting, seen externally as improvements to products and services. However, for many organisations there is now a tension between the customer promise and employees’ ability to deliver on it. This can be experienced as:

  • A scatter-gun approach to the use of technology

  • A confusion as to what digital actually means for the organisation

  • A growing chasm between digital practitioners and the rest of the business


With their help, we gave leaders a clearer understanding of today’s digital reality – and exploded quite a few myths.
— Head of Colleague Communication & Engagement, British Airways

Join this session

Date and time:
Monday 25th March 2019 at 08:30am - 11:30am

The Writer, 72 Borough High St, London SE1 1XF

Can’t make it but want to come next time? Let us know.

What you will learn

Those that understand what the next wave of  transformation means for their organisation, will be better equipped to lead their people through change.

Arc has helped leadership within FTSE 250 companies (and similarly complex organisations) to clarify what digital means to their business, and how to navigate the changes it introduces. This session will include:

  1. A self-assessment on the digital change curve

  2. Insights from our Chief Digital Officer seminars

  3. Key actions and provocations to take straight back into the business

  4. Peer-learning opportunities from other change leaders in different industries 

This event is aimed at members of the C-Suite, or senior management, leading transformational change within their organisations. Previous attendees include leadership for Human Resources, Digital, Strategy and Innovation.

Really engaged group with very diverse experience. Highly recommended.
— Head of Service Performance and Development, GSK

Speakers and facilitators

One of the most entertaining workshops I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.
— Head of Digital Change, Euler Hermes, a subsidiary of Allianz

About this series of sessions

We empower your people to deliver your customer promise, because the next wave of transformation is being led by them, not the technology.

Most organisations are already heavily invested in the digital services and infrastructure that enable them to meet current and future customer needs. The heavy lifting and trauma of seismic technological change have already begun, and there’s no turning back.

However, for those tasked with leading change, the reality is falling short of the promise. Although organisations now have the tools they need, in many cases their people feel left behind. Where new, progressive cultures exist they often reside in remote corners of the organisation, leaving other parts untouched by transformation.

In an age of constant change, the ability to adapt is essential for your organisation to survive and thrive. Establishing a culture of learning empowers your people to continuously develop themselves and also the business around them.

Future events in this series will include:-

  • How to align leadership and know what stop, start and continue

  • How to build narratives and communicate change in a way that shifts thinking

  • How to develop leadership behaviours and role models