Leadership at the edge of change

A brilliant event. These people are bringing a new perspective to the change debate. Such honesty is rare in the advisory world
— CIO, Public Sector

the session

Faced with the turbulence in the scale, speed and breadth of change that is the fourth industrial revolution, we, as leaders, need to disrupt our own behaviours and capacities to embrace disruptive change.  This session will introduce you to Disruption Logic™ - the framework underpinning our leadership development programme.  

Challenge your beliefs

Interrogate your beliefs and mindsets, and develop a new blueprint for how you can lead and inspire others.

Listen and be heard

A listening space – to hear the challenges you face, and to discover what lessons we can learn from each other.

Experiment with new tools

A test laboratory for you to experience some of the leadership tools required for a new mindset.


The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic
— Peter Drucker


those joining us include


Digital Directors and Heads of Digital
Digital Transformation Programme Leads
Strategy Directors
CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors
People and HR Directors
Chief Customer Officers and CX Directors
Innovation Directors and Heads of Innovation
Change Leaders



Breakfast and welcome

What is Disruption Logic™ and why is it needed?

Imagining the possible

Impact of Disruption Logic™

11.30 - 12.15
Networking and End


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Join for a half-day session and take your first step to a new Disruption Logic™.

6th December 2017
In Partnership with Futurice
Fifth Floor, 26-28 Underwood St, London N1 7JQ
8.30am - 12.30pm

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what is disruption logic™?

 Disruption Logic™ is the framework underpinning our leadership training programmes, supporting leaders faced with the disruption of digital transformation. 

The present is bending us out of shape

Digital transformation is disrupting the old order, and it’s also disrupting you.  Ways of thinking, ways of working, behaviours and mind-sets, are being challenged as never before. In fact, we’re being bent out of shape, stretched to expand in new and opposite directions:

  • To deliver magic solutions, while having little budget and time;

  • To work fast, getting things done, and to think deeply and strategically;

  • To be innovative and creative, while delivering consistently and reliably;

  • To know the answers, and know you are working with the unknown.

A new Disruption Logic™ demands:

  • Curiosity – to notice how things might be different, to see what’s new and what’s possible.  We need our curiosity to keep our own spirit of inspiration alive
  • Courage - to be leaders and agents of change.  Where there is disruptive change, all of us can be leaders when we see the opportunity to lead.
  • Experimentation – there is no history or past data to look back on.   We’re our own test laboratory, so we need to prototype and experiment, and be prepared to fail.
  • Empathy – to collaborate, to walk in the shoes of those whose help we need.  We can’t do it ourselves, we need to work with others to thrive.
  • Accepting the unknown – to be confident and resilient in not knowing, comfortable with ambiguity, energised by uncertainty.


We can help you to develop a Disruption Logic™ Mindset - to disrupt your own behaviours and to embrace disruptive change.