HR leaders AND Digital Transformation

As businesses step into the digital age, we make sure they don’t leave their people behind.


These sessions focus on the downstream impacts of technological advancement in the workplace, working at the intersection of people strategy and Digital Transformation. In 2019, we want to explore the role HR leaders play in shaping the behaviours and mindsets of a future-ready workforce.


We focus on human responses to change no matter the sector

What can you do today to develop your workplace of the future?


In the next year, the rhetoric around the Future of Work will shift towards reality, but many businesses have done little to develop the kind of workplace they need to be for the employees of tomorrow. This half-day learning workshop will equip HR leaders with the right questions to ask of their organisation. We will provide you with the building blocks to understand the hierarchy of needs for employees, along with their motivations and drivers. Specifically, the session will include:

  • Analysis of key trends and their implications for HR leaders

  • Key actions and provocations to take straight back into the business

  • The opportunity to share with and learn from peers in a skill-share environment

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Moving from skills-based training to behaviours and mindsets


The rapidity of technological change is increasing, but how you can be sure you're developing the right internal capabilities for the future? Our half-day seminar and workshop will support human resources leaders in their endeavours to cultivate the behaviours and mindsets required for the future-ready business. Participants will leave the session with the tools to:

  • Avoid the tech skills 'arms race' in favour of developing capabilities to future-proof your workforce

  • Help your workforce to understand the role of behaviours and mindsets

  • Encourage employees to adopt a more self-directed approach to learning

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