Getting unstuck

Transformations get stuck, organisational change programmes lose momentum, and fail to deliver the expected benefits.  

We lead root cause thinking with stakeholders and change agents to understand the blockers to change; and catalyse and stimulate a creative dialogue on the issues that block change.  We help you to build thought leadership, fresh insight and a revitalised approach to your transformation work.


look beyond the symptoms

We do this by conducting confidential interviews, listening sessions to explore in depth issues holding you back.  We hold facilitated meetings to mirror what is stuck, and to work with you on the way forwards.



map of change

The Arc co-created Map of Change provides a structured framework for you to explore the blocks and weaknesses in your plan, while also providing a flexible resource to identify future actions.  We use archetypes to help you understand the key mindsets and behaviours you need to shift, and build meaning maps to diagnose gaps and opportunities in your engagement strategy.



We bring our experience in developing and embedding new ways of working, creating clear expectations on role and behaviour, and supporting this with training to embed the changes.