How to lead

Leaders are recognising that they need to lean into uncertainty and change, and still inspire and lead.

Digital transformation starts with leaders who can embrace complexity and ambiguity through rapid change, with confidence in themselves and others.  

Our work with your leaders will support you in building the digital leadership capabilities required.   Inspiring and empowering your people, fostering the confidence to try, collaboration and openness to innovation are all needed, as well as knowledge and understanding of the digital landscape.  This will equip your leaders with the skills and confidence to lead, and to work together to create the environment where people are excited about the new digital opportunities, and embrace the changes in working practice, behaviour and mindset that will be required.


Team performance

For teams who are looking to inject leadership rigour into their digital transformation strategies, and who want to put the people agenda at the heart of what they do, we provide our Arc Digital Transformation Team Coaching programme.  This programme is custom-designed for your team, to establish the foundations for delivery success:

  • Everyone ‘gets’ the strategy, and what this means for you;

  • Clarity on your purpose, and the priority activities you need to focus on;

  • How you work together as a team, with trust and commitment;

  • How to involve and engage your people and other stakeholders, so they are fully on board with you;

  • You have the creativity and flexibility to learn from failure, unlearn old habits, and grow.

Our team coaching methodology means that we can work with you as a board, as a leadership team, or as a programme delivery team.  We work with you to co-create and develop your shared vision, collective commitment, the engagement of your stakeholders, a new culture and new behaviours, and an agile learning mindset.



Leadership Programme  

We have identified 5 key capacities, that can help you to be and succeed in the digital age:

  • Be Strategic - Fundamentals of Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age.  We often hear that transformation is really about people & culture.  We will give you the strategic understanding, to help you and your team be fit for the future.  We will shift how you think about digital and transform how you see your role as a leader.
  • Be You - About you in the digital age.  Preparing for change means preparing yourself.  Build the leadership capacity you need to work more flexibly and mindfully.  Work more authentically, inspire and empower, aim high to deliver the results that matter.  This module will help you to take the lead as a leader
  • Be Inspiring - Leading Others with Empathy.  You build the capacity to inspire and motivate, help people to understand their role in delivering the strategy.  You connect people to what is meaningful for them and inspires.
  • Be Impactful - Influencing Stakeholders and Communicating with Impact.  We work with you to build the communication and influencing strategies you need to build commitment and emotional buy-in from your stakeholders.  
  • Be Agile - Fostering Agility and the Confidence to Try.  Build a learning mindset in your business, and foster the confidence to try!  Build your own capacity and help others to prototype and experiment, and to learn from success and failure.

We offer open and closed leadership development programmes to build the capacities of leaders in leading digital transformation.



stakeholder management

For digital leaders who are struggling to gain board level buy-in, we partner with you to influence your stakeholders, make the case you need, deal effectively with conflict, and to build the consensus and emotional buy-in that is so critical.  You can access our 1:1 consultations to give you direct feedback and mentoring advice based on our deep expertise as programme directors, working with businesses as diverse as the BBC, Amnesty, and media agencies.



Our work is to partner with you to build your own capacities to lead organisational and cultural change.  We help you to be transformational leaders in the digital age.