Our story

In 2017, we brought our combined businesses, experience and resources into The Arc Group to set the standard for a new breed of transformation partner, that lives and leads by a renewed set of values.



We have a sense of excitement and optimism surrounding the ambiguous. Our ambition is to harness our imagination and courage to change the world for the better.


We are curious, wanting to learn, unlearn and relearn. We work collaboratively because we believe the best ideas come from the contribution of all of us.


We listen deeply, caring about what people think and feel.  We build trust, and help find meaning and purpose that can inspire those around us.



We have come together because we see one simple truth, we must engage with how people feel in order to effect positive change. 

We wanted to realise new ways of working in the digital age, by putting people at the heart of digital transformation. Individually, we have been at the forefront of business transformation for over 20 years and bring with us a wealth of experience from organisations both large and small.


Our previous experience and engagements include BT, BBC, HSBC, The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, The Barbican, Heathrow, BlackRock, Oxfam and Amnesty International.

Our strength lies in our diversity and holistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding transformation and change. Our expertise lies in digital strategy development, programme management and delivery, service design, culture change, organisation and leadership development.


See how our human-centred approach can help you realise the full promise of your transformation programme.