Disrupt our behaviour, transform our capacities

Faced with disruption, it’s we who need to disrupt our own behaviours and capacities to embrace disruptive change. The challenge is to build a bigger version of ourselves, flexing and stretching our capacities. The time is now for capacities to work more flexibly with the unknown, the emergent and unpredictable.

  • Be an agent of change – where there is disruptive change, all of us can be leaders when we see the opportunity to lead;
  • Experiment – be prepared to fail, try things out, there is little history or past data to look back on;
  • Collaborate – we can’t do it alone, so collaborate and communicate, understand and empathise with others;
  • Be curious, keep asking questions and finding answers, learning and developing;
  • Accept the unknown, be confident in not knowing, comfortable with ambiguity, energised by uncertainty.
Moshe Braun