As businesses step into the digital age, we make sure they don’t leave their people behind.


The future isn’t what it used to be. As businesses step into the digital age, we make sure they don’t leave their people behind.


Change is enabled by people.

We help businesses unlock the full investment in their digital transformation programme by enabling their people to embrace and thrive with change.

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Shifting thinking

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. These sessions will help you gain new perspectives on existing and new challenges.



Change is not one size fits all. Through interviews and workshops we get to the bottom of the really tough questions about your business and its culture.


Making change happen

For your people to embrace change they need the psychological safety to try new things, take risks and be open about their experiences.

We focus on human responses to change no matter the sector

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’ve learned how to lead change in uncertain times. We’ve worked as digital directors, change agents, programme managers within complex organisations like BBC, Amnesty International, BlackRock and UK Government.



Owen Valentine Pringle

Owen is a senior digital strategist with over 20 years of experience and has been recognised by the FT as one of the 100 most influential BAME leaders in tech. He has led digital departments at ITN, Sky, Southbank Centre and Amnesty International, where he was Global Director of Digital.



Eva Appelbaum

Eva is a recognised leader in digital strategy and business transformation. She launched the BBC Earth brand in the UK in Oct 2014, winning numerous awards, and was also responsible for transforming BBC Marketing and setting up the BBC’s “Digital Marketing Lab”.


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Moshe Braun

Having begun his career as a visual designer, Moshe spent the next fifteen years across user research, software engineering, digital marketing and user-centred design. He co-founded the Future Strategy Club in 2016 in an attempt to challenge the way we think about strategy.



we believe it’s time for another way.

We know that organisations are ready for a new way of working with change partners.



We are a new breed of change partner

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Challenging and empathetic

We care for people, but we don’t shy away from the difficult questions.

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Supportive and empowering

We help people, not by giving them answers but by equipping them to help themselves.


Creative and clear-headed

We have rigorous methods, but we also understand and value the role of creativity.

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