HRDs making sense of Digital Transformation

We sat down for breakfast with HR (and Culture) leaders to discuss their experiences and challenges as they navigate digital transformation. We discussed change and the struggles they face in making sense of what digital means, let alone what is expected in terms of transformation.

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Eva Appelbaum
Atom Bank - Thriving on Uncertainty in the post-digital world

Thriving on uncertainty, that’s how Neil Costello, Head of Marketing at Atom Bank, describes the culture at the banking start up. It's a culture where people are less interested in knowing what you’ve done before and more interested in knowing how you go about things, how you can find a new way to tackle traditional challenges and at pace.  

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Moshe Braun
Digital needs to retool for organisational development

In 2014, having just hobbled over the line marking my two decades in digital to achieve veteran status, I was made redundant... by me. At the time, I was the Global Director of Digital Communications for an International NGO and came to the realisation that the existence of my role and department was the biggest impediment to wholesale adoption of digital as a discipline across my organisation. 

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Owen Pringle