engaging people

Enabling new behaviours and levers to make the change happen.


Learning journeys

Once we have a change story and brand, we design employee learning journeys for each persona group.

Each learning journey utilises  various levers to nudge behaviours.

We are creative and visual,  using artefacts, experiences and narrative embedded within the environment  Looking at change as a journey over time.

Joined up
All able to be supported by an online curriculum and virtual community driving the change



Employee engagement

We work with employees so that feedback loops are part of the core process. Keeping us connected and learning from the organisation.

We establish an influencer network to capture the informal power dynamics and listen to it.

We build in mechanisms to provide learning loops and feedback mechanisms.  

Our plans are just roadmaps which often need to adapt to new circumstances. We adjust approaches in response to feedback.



Change levers  

We help with the people infrastructure that enables change. These will be specific to each organisation.

We can assist with initiatives that will providing the infrastructure to support new ways of working.  Levers like: new operating models, new workforce thinking and new people processes.

Often a stumbling block in large organisations  is change is dispersed across silos. We help you create a single view of change and put in place nimble processes to prioritise change to the most value.