Leading change

Creating the leadership mindset and narrative to get the organisation behind the change.


Developing leaders

Transformation requires both top-down and bottom-up engagement. We build digital understanding across your leadership team to drive the change.

Transformational Leadership
Helps you explore transformational leadership capabilities.

Leadership coaching
Our six month spine of leadership sprints means small cohorts take responsibility for change.

Online curriculum
Digital tools provide an online spine that works alongside a physical programme.



Mapping the change

We map  the groups in the organisation, their cultures and behaviours and understand when they’ll need support.  

We get to know  each employee group, their way of being, language, drivers and influencer networks.

For each group we look at the change over time to  understand what will change when..

We test  the reaction to change, to identify the emotional pitfalls & opportunities.

We use this information to build a change heat map for the organisation.




We act as product owners for your new culture,  writing the stories you need to help inform employees how to behave in a digital world.  

We work out what new stories the organisation needs to be telling. A big org wide one and smaller stories for each group. We test the stories to gauge emotional reactions and where behavioural nudges can be amplified.

We have teams of designers who bring your story to life in creative and visual ways.

We provide you with your own change brand kit to equip your change team with  one consistent message set.